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The new site is growing, but it could use your help!

If you have a favorite character in the Tepper universe, why not e-mail us a brief biography of the character and we’ll post it to the blog. Or write a synopsis for one of the many books that we haven’t yet gotten to!

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  1. joan lyons says:

    I find that many of Ms Tepper’s books are not available in e-book formats. Including her eariler works and the Arbai Trilogy Series #2, Raising the Stones. What does it take to make books available in ebook format

  2. Trinity says:

    As of April 29, 2011 many of them are available. But inexplicably Random House has chosen to price the Kindle versions (Grass, Sideshow, and Shadow’s End) at $17.99. I wanted to load up my Kindle with electronic versions of the books I had loved, but cannot support this pricing atrocity.

    On the bright side, books from HarperCollins are much more reasonably priced.

  3. Frances Green says:

    Whatever it takes, I hope there will be some proofreading. I was shocked at the sloppiness of the Kindle Grass, apparently an unchecked scan. “Airears” was a particularly irksome recurrence.

    I’m sure there would be no shortage of fans happy to do the work at no cost (count me in).

  4. valerie says:


    Thanks so much for this valuable website. Many appreciations to Ms. Tepper for bringing many years of pleasure, insight, truth and skilled writing.

    First, on your booklist, Batman Returns is listed-I looked up the book; it has one author, so I’m confused.

    Next, I’m curious about the writer who talked about difficulties in obtaining Ms. Tepper’s books. You can purchase many on Half.com for instance at a low cost. Some of the rarer books do cost, however.

    Third, a question for Ms. Tepper if I may: The Marianne series are compelling and have a spiritual sense and names that often seem Abkhazian/Circassian/Sufic. Is this an accurate guess, or am I reading too much into these books?

    Many, many thanks!

  5. cellen says:

    I think I’ve read everything adult published by Ms. Tepper, and possibly her young adult books. I own most, in hardcover or paperback. I don’t think e-books can do her justice.

    I no longer remember for sure, but I think it was the first of her books I read: “After Long Silence”. I lent it out a few times, with threats about what would happen if it didn’t come back. Eventually, inevitably, it vanished. Half a dozen years later, unable to go without it any longer, I found it and bought it online. Yes, some of her books are hard to find.

    If you can find “After Long Silence” read it. Appreciate the perspective on intelligent life, and on irony.

    I hold on to, and re=read, everything through “The Margarets”. Bless you (no particular view of blessing intended) and thank you — I hunger for perspectives I cannot find for myself.

    Reading recommendations; After Long Silence, The Family Tree, The Companions, Beauty … please don’t just read them, wear them home.

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