Accompanied by her protectors, Great Bear and Precious Wind, and guided by the mysterious wanderer Abasio and his talking horse, Big Blue, the band begins a journey to this land across the western sea where the waters’ rising has long been expected. Their odyssey, fraught with peril and wonder, is long enough for plans to be made that are so strange, so audacious, that they are instantly dismissed; plans so potentially successful that an ancient killer must be awakened to stop their fulfillment…


2 thoughts on “The Waters Rising

  1. Christine Collier

    I’ve missed this one! (The Waters Rising). When was it published? Aaaargh! I’ll order it first thing on Monday. Still, this is not a good blurb. Who is Great Bear, Precious Wind, Abasio and Big Blue ‘protecting’?

    1. Atlant


      It’s difficult to describe this book without also giving spoilers. So if you want to avoid all chance of spoilers, stop reading right now ;). But I’ll try to avoid telling you more than will become obvious to you fairly quickly once you begin reading.

      The Waters Rising takes place in the same world as A Plague of Angels, but we’ve moved on in time a bit and with the departure of the last of the gods, the situation has changed quite a bit. Due to various phenomena (not all of which are strictly possible in the real world, even if Global Climate Change were to do its worst), the seas are rising and it is believed that they will soon cover all of the Earth’s dry land. Things are afoot, though, that may provide a way for humanity to survive, and these things appear to depend upon a young woman we’re introduced to at the beginning of the book.

      As with many of the Tepper novels, she is sent on a quest. Along the way, she partners with Abasio and yes, this is the Abasio from A Plague of Angels and yes, he’s very much aware of how the situation resembles his relationship with Orphan (on many levels). But Abasio has grown in many ways since those early days and his responses to the situations they encounter is far more mature.

      If you liked the characters and world of A Plague of Angels, you’ll almost certainly enjoy The Waters Rising. Jan and I both found this work much more satisfying than The Companions. (You’d get a split review from us of The Margarets; I liked that book and thought it was a success but I don’t think Jan liked it so well.)


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