A note about ebook errors…

Sheri wanted us to know..

When older books are picked up for ebook reissue, they don’t have an original e-file on them—too long ago. So, they outsource the making of the efile to places like India, where the results are as you see, messy. The people speak English, but the niceties may escape them. Or the vocabulary.

Anyhow, that’s why, and he says it’s driving most of his clients crazy!


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  1. Lavanya Vijayaraghavan says:

    Dear Ms Tepper
    I can assure you that people in India do not only “speak English” but also do have a vocabulary that is quite as large (if not larger) as that of “American” speakers of ‘English” and perhaps can grasp the so-called ‘niceties’!! Like any other English-speaking country, we have levels of expertise. Perhaps your publisher or who-ever is outsourcing your book should be a little more careful about whom he gives the job to, rather than picking the cheapest, and then generalizing about a culture and a country about which he clearly knows nothing!!!

    • Tesha says:

      Dear Lavanya,
      I think that was the point, don’t you?

      Not that India is full of ignorant people, we all know it isn’t.
      Its that English not being the first language, or having grown up using it the way American speakers do, AND that the translation company didn’t provide adequate service for this project, her publisher has learned his lesson.

      No offense meant – not one bit – not at all,
      Jan the webmistress

  2. JoanneMcDowall says:

    Most people I know from India do speak English as a “first language”, or a strong early second language. the difference is in intonation, and some differences in usage. However, whoever is creating the ebook needs to be careful, and that does not necessarily come with the low price bid.

  3. JoanneMcDowall says:

    Where can we find the ebooks, and are they issued for the old, out of print books like Jinian, Maven, or Marianne?

  4. Smallwonder says:

    Speaking English and understanding American idiomatic expressions are two different things. Those subtle differences are probably what drove the publisher nuts…

  5. Lisa says:

    I would be happy to check your e-books for errors. I found a lot of them while reading from the online library. (somebody has to do it…)

  6. Beck Veitch says:

    I was excited to see that Jinan Footseer on Kindle – as I have been searching for a copy in Australia/New Zealand for sometime. Is there a timeline for when the last of the Jinian and Peter trilogies will be available on Amazon?