A special note to her fans…

We recently updated Ms. Tepper on the letters coming into the site, and let her know about the Poll we were running. She emailed this back to us.

The planned sequel (Fish Tales) includes all three books. Abasio (from the Plague of Angels) and Xulai (from The Water’s Rising) are helped in their mission by the arrival of a starship from Lom—where the True Game took place. The ship that took humans to Lom was from Earth, the same ship returns to Earth from Lom bringing Mavin Manyshaped—1000 years after she was petrified on Lom, along with Peter and Jinian, who are still with us because they made the trip in the form of “Blues.”

They are sent as emissaries. The Planet Lom has a message for Planet Earth.

I think. At least, that’s how it looks now.

3 thoughts on “A special note to her fans…

  • Murray Donald

    That sounds wonderful, I have absolute faith that Ms Tepper will produce a fantastic sequel to out do all sequels. Pulling together all these characters from the different series of novels, will in my opinion , provide her legion of fans with the ultimate sequel and an elegant rounding up of well loved characters, to hear what they have been up to and their ultimate destiny
    I will try to be patient but already I,m itching to read it


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